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The 60 Second Deluxe is a 'Frippertronics' or 'sound-on-sound' style
looping delay, a digital analogy of a tape loop that can do things no
physical tape could ever do, like change speeds and reverse direction instantly.  Designed with multi-second looping in mind, the Deluxe can also provide echoes with or without modulation, chorusing, double tracking, vibrato and flanging.

An evolution of our 60 Second Delay, the 60 Second Deluxe does
everything its predecessor can do while providing new options for sound
manipulation and enhanced interfacing with both the player and with
external gear.

We've kept the key features from the 60 Second Delay including that the pedal is always "listening" whether Active or not.   


We've improved on the 60 Second Delay in multiple areas:

  •  The footswitches are now 'soft touch' types.   
  • We've separated the Fast / Slow setting and Auto / Manual setting to individual switches and added a jack for an external footswitch to toggle between Fast and Slow hands-free. 
  • The ratio between Fast and Slow can now be selected to be 2:1 (octaves as on the 60 Second Delay) or 3:2 (perfect fifths!). 
  • We've added a TRS FX loop for the Regeneration (Echo) path.    The simplest use is with a volume pedal for foot control of the number of repeats, but any other effect can be inserted. 
  • We've also added a Tone knob to roll off high frequencies like an old school analog delay or to roll off low frequencies to keep long repeated echoes from getting too muddy.
  • Modulation can now be sine wave or square wave.
  • Additionally, there's a Tick output.  This is similar to the Clix option from the original 16 Second Delay and with a little processing (looking at you modular synth heads!) it can provide rhythmic patterns synced to the delay clock, which can then be used to step sequencers, trigger envelopes, etc.  Go nuts!





SKU: 0002
  • Dimensions

    The box is based on the Hammond 1550G. Yes, it's big.


    • IN: Input jack
    • FX LOOP: Send and Return for the Regen path
    • OUTPUT: Output jack
    • DELAY: Pedal control of delay time, can use the output side of a volume pedal with a simple 2 conductor (mono) cable. Korg EXP-2 works well (50k). Can also take CV, 0-5V 
    • TICK: Stepped wave output locked to main delay clock, primarily to interface with synthesizers
    • FAST: Momentary footswitch connection to toggle Fast/Slow Clock setting


    • INPUT: sets the input level. 
    • MIX: sets the balance of dry signal and delayed signal.
    • TONE: sets the EQ curve of the repeats.
    • OUTPUT: adjusts the output level.
    • DEPTH: controls how much the LFO signal modulates the delay time.
    • SPEED: adjusts the speed of LFO modulation and also the speed of Auto switching between Fast and Slow.
    • REGEN: controls how much delay output is fed back to the input which controls how many repeats are heard.
    • DELAY TIME: this is the large knob that is unlabeled. Think of this like a tape speed control. Counterclockwise is slower and therefore longer delay times. Clockwise, faster, shorter delay times.


    • RANGE: sets range of delay memory is used. 

    • RATIO: sets the ratio between Slow speed and Fast speed.

    • AUTO/MAN. - when in Auto mode the change from Slow to Fast will happen in time with the LFO speed.

    •  SLOW/FAST - moving the switch in either direction from its middle resting position will toggle between Fast and Slow.


    • INFINITE: When on, whatever has been recorded will repeat infinitely. No new material is recorded.
    • DIRECTION: Alternates the direction of playback, reversing audio etc.
    • ACTIVE: Bypass, On/Off, etc. 


    • 12V center positive 2.5mm barrel plug. 
    • Current required: 150mA. 


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