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Hi, I'm Dave.

I have a degree in electrical engineering and am a coder and a musician.  Electronics, sound and music have fascinated me from an early age.  Expedition Electronics is the nexus of those fascinations.

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About Expedition Electronics

Expedition Electronics began 10 years ago in Los Angeles. Being a fan of Frippertronics,  I was intrigued by the original Electoharmonix 16 Second Delay. Those being rare and expensive I decided to build one on my own. The result led to our first product the 60 Second Delay, which is not a clone, but duplicates the features available on the 16 Second Delay.  

After releasing this guitar effects pedal and listening to feedback, literally and figuratively, we began extending the functionality of the Delay and created  the 60 Second Deluxe. 

We are in the process of R&D on more unique products. 

Contact Me

Let's talk gear.

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